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    Balance Probiotic

    Cmimi:  32.00€

    Balance Probiotic blend optimizes digestion for better health, athletic performance, and positive mental well-being. It supports gut and gi health and promotes antioxidant activity. Balance contains nine specific probiotics, delivering over 40 billion CFUs per serving.
    Get the Facts:

    Over 40 billion CFUs
    9 Probiotic strains
    235mg Probiotic Blend
    Gluten Free

    Ultimate Nutrition, Balance Probiotic Product DescriptionThe Ultimate Nutrition research team has developed an all-inclusive, full spectrum probiotic designed to support optimal gut and digestive health by combining 9 unique and clinically validated probiotic strains.Withover 40 billion CFUʼs, Ultimate Nutritionʼs Balance Probiotic will kick your body into full gear and provide the ultimate boost youʼve been looking for! The powerful strains included in this formula have been shown to not only support digestive health but also to promote a strong antioxidant activity in situations of elevated physical stress, such as prolonged exercise or demanding physical activity.

    The scientists at Ultimate Nutrition designed this potent, daily probioticto contain specially selected strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria that have been scientifically researched to support optimal health and performance.

    Specifically, these strains have been proven to decrease fatigue, alleviategastrointestinal discomfort associated with exercise stress, and help reduce inflammation for faster recovery.

    Ultimate Nutritionʼs Balance Probiotic is the key to your ultimate health with its ability to enhance total immune function4 and combat the stress associated with everyday life.

    Donʼt settle for an uncomfortable and problematic gut! Let Balance Probioticdo the work by restoringyour bodyʼs ability to absorb nutrients, alleviate digestive distress, and fight off infection.

    Take one capsule daily.